Marijuana Measure 80 should be DOA at polls

Marijuana aficionados have been trying to legalize pot through the back door in Oregon for years

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Douglas Heuer

I happen to like Saturday Night Live. They poke fun at the ridiculous and would certainly poke fun at your editorial. Funny you didn't know that George Washington's journals mentioned his dismay at not pulling the male plants in his marijuana garden, which is something you don't have to do just to grow hemp.

Thomas Jefferson, our first Patent Officer, decided that his invention to process cannabis was too important for mankind for him to patent it for himself. Jefferson said that "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country." Who knew, really? It just shows that they really cared about jobs and the economy, rather than some ridiculous war against a plant.

We have endured 75 years of cannabis prohibition that was based on racial discrimination and falsehoods. History, if we observe it, shows that prohibition has been an utter failure ... and that Measure 80 is a citizen initiative aiming to end this ridiculous failure.


I agree with Douglas. Enough of the losing war on this plant. I will be voting to approve the sales and taxing of marijuana, and I will be one of the first in line to purchase it.


One more point. Until December 1933, those of you who now think nothing of ordering a beer or glass of wine with your dinner or are so proud of our Wine Country in the Willamette Valley, would face criminal sanctions. Prohibition did not work for the sale of alcohol and the war on pot hasn't been anymore successful. When enough of the general public decides the law against possession is ridiculous and are basically ignoring it (just like alcohol consumption in 1933) new laws will be approved. Just like the 21st amendment to our constitution which reversed the 18th amendment which prohibited the manufacturing and sales of alcohol.

Dances with Redwoods

....well I'll be?

Never had ya figured to be an 'old wheezer'... retiredbs.

And that is exactly why I am a faithful paid-subscriber to the News-Register. I like to learn something new every day, even if learning it was accomplished via this online comment feature.

Bless you, and thank you for allowing us, Jeb Bladine.

Sincerily & Respectfully,

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, OR


The prohibition of Earth's most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity.

Do you seriously doubt that Washington knew the medicinal effects of "Indian Hemp" when he instructed his gardener to "sow it everywhere"?

If you don't know what "Indian Hemp" is, Google "William Brooke O'Shaugnessy" and inform yourself.

Besides, to keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are sold freely would be *MURDEROUSLY STUPID*.

On 16 October we'll see whether the DC federal court agrees with the absurd "Schedule I status" of Cannabis. I can hardly wait.


Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because "prohibition doesn't work"?

Do we do away with age limits, also?


What's the difference between a "Marijuana Aficionado" and an "Old Wheezer"?

Dances with Redwoods

Less effort.


This is a great measure. Just what our state needs. Let's pass it! Lets start teaching the joy of pot in elementary schools. Let's get our elderly on it. Homemakers. Professionals. Our firefighters. Truck drivers. Nurses. Doctors. Teachers. Everyone. Let it flow man. Let it flow. Pot for all!
Our world, our country, our community, our families are in great shape. Everything in our society is going fine. All is well in the world. We don't need clear minded, clean living, hard working, sharp, industrious people in Oregon. No, what we need is legal pot. Let's join together and make it legal for everyone to numb out, haze over and live in the fog.

Dances with Redwoods


I really see very little difference between being inebriatedstoned in this day and age. I'd suppose your question "Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because 'prohibition doesn't work'?"

My answer to your query would be, not entirely. For some, their perspective/view/take and/or whatever, concerning pornography/pornographic acts depicted and/or displayed in any manner, no matter how you've hashed it, should not be lightly excused..or..dismissed.

Not too long after entering the age of cablevison the laws of our land began to change. Why?

Me? Do I have an interest in this particular argument? No, not really, I've tried Marijuana in the past, and one..or..two tokes later, I'm hating life non-stop for at least the following 8 to 10 hours...NO THANK YOU!


This is so stupid. They're attacking Measure 80 by saying things like

"A little further down Page 1, the bill cites one source claiming marijuana has been used for more than 10,000 years without a single overdose. How that possibly could be proven is certainly a mystery."

Ok, sure, but we have clinically proven the you can't consciously ingest the amount of cannabis required to overdose. So sure, is there true evidence no one has ever overdosed? No. Is it possible? No.

This article is ridiculous, it says

"The law, if passed, would supersede all previous state laws and ordinances regulating cannabis except driving while impaired, so evidently the authors do agree there is some impairment of users."

Oh no! They've revealed our secret! Not. No one claimed that weed doesn't impair you temporarily. Alcohol does the same thing, and that's why you cant drive when you drink it. End of argument. Really? That's they best they've got? A recycled anti-drinking and driving line?

This is the best part, they try to demonize Paul Stanford (the creator of Measure 80) by mentioning that he owns medical marijuana dispensaries. Aha! That's it! They've struck us deep! There's no coming back from that!
Really? Of course someone is going to make money from this bill passing. A lot of people will. And it'll likely even pay for the Social Security of the worm that wrote this article. There are anesthesiologists making millions off of there drugs. Does that mean we should get rid of anesthesia?

Vote yes on Measure 80, and next year will pass a bill illegalizing idiotic journalists.


Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because "prohibition doesn't work"?

Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, if a person "hasn't overdosed on the drug"?

Do we do away with age limits, also?

Dances with Redwoods

Some, perhaps..

Some, perhaps.

If parent(s) signs on/give the green light to their child, perhaps.


"To be clear, there are strong arguments for the legalization of marijuana as part of an overall national drug policy. Federal and state governments spend billions every year trying to enforce antiquated marijuana laws when that money should be spent capturing and prosecuting drug cartels pushing cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other destructive substances. But that’s a topic for another day."

This statement is dripping with bias. I thought news was supposed to be anti-biased?

To be clear, there are those that disagree and have strong arguments against the legaliization of marijuana- even if I will be outnumbered here.

Dances with Redwoods

Manup, it's not a news article, it's and editorial that serves as a conduit into the mind of Jeb Bladine.

That's why you'd found it under the banner of---> Opinion, in the Perspective section.

Dances with Redwoods

"If the parent(s) signs on/give the green light to their child, perhaps."

At the moment I'd made that comment, I'd had sharing wine with family at the dinner table, and 17 year olds marching off to war with a parent(s) blessing in mind.

I'd suppose that in different times and eras, some (parents) may..or.. may not have objections to allowing their 15 year old to sit down with a grandfather, smoke Cohiba Esplendido's and sip 190 proof 'White Lighting' on a particularly sunny afternoon.

Any thoughts?


"Backdoor" Is this the same backdoor The City Of Carlton was using to get some rediculious ordinance through? Hmmm... This is a snowball gaining size. It's ALL READY happening. Even with the current laws. I'll bet there are just as many non registered users as registered users. Are you feeling dumbed down all ready? If the farmers get on board it should be a land slide. The Christmas tree, grass seed and hazelnut industry might be re thinking their potential earnings with an production of 8 times the bio mass an acer of trees will produce anually. This means more fiber, oil ect. Do your own homework and inform yourself. Don"t take the NRs word for it.
The kids argument. Well lets see. The kids all ready are faced with the choice even if the medical laws as they are. Nothing is going to change other then more jobs, money flowing and a "BOOM" of a new/old industry. What is the next "BOOM" to bring us out of this hole we are in? Like I said, do your own searches. There is endless supply of them. The confussed mind says no. Get informed and be a voter. Even if you choose to vote yes or no, you have made a informed decission...


It's a shame the News-Register wants us to support the gangs and cartels that sell marijuana to children and perpetrate violence. Why do you support the black market instead of regulated outlets? Since the main result of this is that gangs and cartels keep their lucrative market selling to children with no competition from legal suppliers who don't, one wonders why the News-Register wants children to have greater access to marijuana? Or do they just prefer gangs and cartels to legal regulated supplies?


Or, is it possible we simply have a disagreement about the wisdom of legalization.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


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