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Here are some common questions and answers concerning

Dec 11, 2012 | 1 Comment

As moves to a subscription-based news website, we expect some people will have questions about the site and how to use it.

We will be posting some frequently asked questions this week about the site. If you don't find your question or concern here, please click here and send it along. We will post your question on this page (without your name) as well as our answer.

Q: I try to log in to my account but the website says I am blocked. What am I doing wrong?

The website security system makes it hard for someone to hack into the site. If a password is inaccurately entered three times, the system automatically locks out the would-be hacker. Often times, the "hacker" is a user who mistypes or can't remember the password.

If your account is blocked, send an email message to and we'll reset your access. In most occasions, we can reset your password within one business day, often within hours.

Q: OK. I admit it. I can't remember my password. How do I find out what it is?

It's easy. Go to this page - - and type in the email address on your account. A temporary password will be sent to your email inbox. Once you receive that message, use the tempouary password to log in. Then click on "my profile" link in the log-in area and change the password to a permanent choice more to your liking.

Q: The website won't let me post comments on an article. 

There are different reasons why this may be happening. We'll list them here on the most probable order.

1. You're not logged in as a subscriber.

2. Worse, you may not even be a subscriber. We consider commenting on stories a privilege awarded to our customers, the subscribers. Want to subscribe? Click here.

3. You've been blocked. We have policies for use of this website. We encourage everyone to read them. when someone violates our policies on comments, we contact the user and encourage the individual to behave. If the bad behavior continues, we block the account. Don't be bad.

Q: I live outside Yamhill County and don't want to receive the newspaper. Can I subscribe to the website without the newspaper?

Yes, you can.

For in-county residents, the required subscription is to the print News-Register, not to the website. Newspaper subscribers will receive website access at no additional cost.

For anyone living outside Yamhill County, we’re offering the same $10 deal for two months during this transition period without the newspaper delivery.

No matter where you live, you can obtain new accounts now by clicking the “Create a New Account” bar at the upper-right of the page, and following directions. Doing that now will reduce chances of delay later. When you request a new account, you will receive a temporary login right away, usable until you get a permanent account within one business day.

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03:05 pm - Wed, November 13 2013
trafman said:
Keep the Yamhill county landfill open and let it have the expansion needed for future operation. It is a vital operation for our county and all our cities businesses. A lot of our local residents use the landfill to dispose of large amounts of trash. It's an affordable price for everyone to use their service. Just ask anyone living under Metro's jurisdiction, getting rid of trash at any of their operations comes at a high cost to their pocketbooks.
The groups against the landfill think its in downtown McMinnville when its outside the township. Hillsboro's big mountain landfill is in the city limits surrounded by residental subdivisions. They both coexist just fine.
Closing the landfill down will make the County's back roads a dumping ground for trash,thus having the County's road department remove it. Washington County deals with this issue almost everyday. I believe this wouldn't make the winery industry very happy either. I live northeast of the landfill now for over 10 years and have yet to smell the oder from it.
keep the County cleaner and the business community thriving by allowing the continual operation of our landfill.

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