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McMinnville couple arrested on drug charges

Nov 28, 2012 | 40 Comments

News-Register Staff

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10:44 am - Wed, November 28 2012
Mack said:
Is it just me or is this kind of thing getting more and more frequent? I know we have had two now in the past few weeks, but how about over the last ten years or so? It would be interesting to see McMinnville crime statistics. But then again, I'm not sure I would trust those. Seems like they could me massaged pretty easily to say just about anything.
Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical. But it sure seems to me like our society is slouching towards Gomorrah.
12:04 pm - Wed, November 28 2012
Fletch said:
I would like to know when drug related arrest among adults don't involve a child. I mean since thats what humans do is make more humans...
08:43 pm - Wed, November 28 2012
YCmom22 said:
This story makes me so sad. I know this couple, I know this case, and have had contact with the arresting officer, the release officer and the couple themselves.This story has been blown so far out of proportion that it is a shame. But then again...over the years, I have come to expect this kind of shotty reporting from the NewsRegister. It does not surprise me that all of the facts were not reported and the ones that were are reported in exaggeration. Once this whole case gets worked out, and the allegations are proven wrong, it will be unfortunate that the NewsRegister has successfully managed to cause damage to the reputations and lives of another young couple that work hard to provide for themselves, and just happened to make friends with the wrong people.
05:10 am - Thu, November 29 2012
Troy'ith said:
If you dion't want to lose custody of your children, then it probably be a good idea to not use/sell or have illegal drugs around your house. Bottom line.. Regardless of what the paper writes.

It's just like the person that doesn't want a speeding ticket "don't speed".. there you have it. Simple really..;

troy prouty*
02:59 pm - Thu, November 29 2012
Eve..13 said:
These kinds of cases are prominent all over Yamhill County, between drug related cases and sexual crimes are jails are full. It's sickeneing and sad all at the same time! Although, the prescription drug/herion cases are far more and to me that is frightening.
05:54 pm - Thu, November 29 2012
mcastro4 said:
I am the sister of Antonio. The news register has made some huge mistakes. It says that a child was there, that is not true and I am a witness to that. So as far as that goes they need to get their facts straight before they start making false statements. For all of you people that are judging them both remember that you are not perfect and I guarantee that you all have done something stupid in your life. My brother is not a drug addict, he doesnt even drink. He is a hard worker and has never been in trouble in his life. Come on people does he really look like he uses drugs? One thing I know from experience is that the news from McMinnville is nosey and quick to judge people, and make false statements just to make people read their paper. So if you dont know us mind your own business.
07:09 pm - Thu, November 29 2012
YCmom22 said:
I agree with you MCastro...these are good kids who are catching a hard break. They are not addicts, and should not be going through this...and the NR is going to do a great job of making it hard for them to move on from it....and people like those who like to pass judgement on them should really take a good hard look at their own lives before they choose to ridicule and judge this couple.
04:43 am - Fri, November 30 2012
Troy'ith said:
postes "mind your own business"

I don't think so. You see that is the problem. All people have a duty within their community and to responsible in it which improves it as a whole. It is something that has been taught through ages in many countries or through Kant and Rawls.

In the east for example karma let people know what they did affected something which in turn effected something else. In my opinion America is failing today because people "want it to be only their business", "justice system's busines" or "family business". I on the other hand think we would better off with accountable to community, open door and peace circles for crime and punishment. Almost everything we do has an externality to something else. Remember that you will go far improving and being a participant in community. Not doing so, hurts community and yourself as we.... All people have done things (you are right) and.. this doesn't mean to not talk, but to speak up is the only way to improve.

troy prouty*
07:06 am - Fri, November 30 2012
YCmom22 said:
I understand feeling like it is your business as a member of the community, and to a point you are correct. would be a whole lot easier to take if people who believe it is their business would actually know the entire story....not just what they are fed by a small town bias newspaper. Plain. and. Simple. Being held accountable with the community is sorta b.s. because the community has no idea of what REALLY goes on behind closed doors, and unless you want the community taking a fine tooth comb to your life...and making it hard to move on from even the smallest of bad decisions, I think everyone is entitled to some semblance of privacy. You don't pay their bills, you don't feed their child, and you don't know what is really going on, so in that aspect...yes. You SHOULD mind your own business. If people took more time to take care of their own crap instead of judging others for theirs, this world would be a much more harmonious place. Speaking up more is NOT the way to improve if you are speaking of things that you only hear part of the story....that Troy, is pure ignorance.
08:27 am - Fri, November 30 2012
retiredbs said:
@ YC..why are you so adamant the News Register is at fault for reporting this story? They are merely relaying what the police department stated! If you have a problem with anyone, it should not be with the newspaper. All I can say is if the above information was presented to a District Attorney or Grand Jury, I am of the belief criminal charges would be filed. Then hopefully the "truth and nothing but the truth" will result in an innocent or guilty result as relayed by a jury or judge. Not what you, I, or anyone else thinks is the truth.
08:45 am - Fri, November 30 2012
YCmom22 said:
I am adamant because of experience....that an the ability to think beyond what the media reports on. ALSO, I am aware of the case, have spoken to the arresting officer, the dhs caseworker, the release officer, and was actually in court during arraignment....all of which places I KNOW I did not see anyone from the NR participating in. They are a newspaper...they get paid for sensationalism. I do not think they are at fault for reporting the story, My problem with this case is not with the issue with the newspaper is that many times over the past 12 years I have been in this community I have watched them report things that 1...have not been completely accurate, the story before there really is a story, and 3...never print a retraction or apology for sensationalizing a story, plastering faces on the front page, and when the charges are dropped. I am a person who does not take stock in what the media (ANY media) has to say...and in small towns....PLEASE. I would be critical of anything this (or any other paper for that matter) reports no matter who they were reporting about. If media told the facts as they really were, there would be no story...EVER, so it behooves them to add a little flair. How else do they get a paycheck??
08:58 am - Fri, November 30 2012
retiredbs said:
I would like to see a follow-up to this article. According to this article, a hearing was held on the 28th. Were the charges dropped? Did the couple have their child returned? Was this all a case of mistaken identity? To YC and mc, the reason people comment on articles is they have an interest in the topic. They don't know the persons arrested, but that is no reason to not have an opinion and express it as related to what the law enforcement agency is reporting. Now if the news paper is mis-quoting the police, that's a different story. If the news organizations were prohibited from printing what is reported to them by the police department, all of our lives would be very different.
09:07 am - Fri, November 30 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
"How else do they get a paycheck??"

The paycheck is not derived through the articles you read, but from the purchases influenced through paid advertising by business. I could be wrong, but I don't believe so.
09:31 am - Fri, November 30 2012
YCmom22 said:
so, Dances, are you telling me that you buy the NR because of the sensational advertising? The person who writes the story gets a paycheck...that check is based on their ability to create a story...that story is then printed (yes...with the advertising) in a paper...that paper is then purchased by a consumer...that consumer is generally NOT purchasing the paper because they have superior advertising.
11:23 am - Fri, November 30 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Yes, most definitely! ... and for only $6 per month, have not only received incredible savings through lowering my monthly shopping bill, but have actually done the math on my carbon footprint and realized some lessening of that as well.

I could go into some deeper explanation of that with you, YCmom, but something tells me that you're not interested in the concept. My wife subscribes to the Sheridan Sun, her reason for doing so is to stay appraised of the local gossip, more so than the advertising.

Glad she does, otherwise I'd have missed an marvelous article (with photo) in last Wednesday's issue about my buddy 'Babbling Bill' Pewonka of Grand Ronde and his fabulous new coif!

As for this particular article, it's the nature of the beast. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so much. I wish the couple and their child well, hopefully something good comes out of all this.

Have a Merry Christmas.
04:47 pm - Fri, November 30 2012
Fletch said:
As much as I can tell... It seems to me the recent STORIES in the NR are coincidental. I don't rellay think this is new. Like i said, how many times do drug cases with adults, don't have children as bystandards? For some reason I feel there are other motives at work here.
I also beleive that the media is not legally obligated to tell the truth. For some reason, I think I had read something about that in a article recently. I could be wrong. I think it had something to do with not makeing a wide sread scare.
05:16 pm - Fri, November 30 2012
Troy'ith said:
is this true or not?

"If you dion't want to lose custody of your children, then it probably be a good idea to not use/sell or have illegal drugs around your house. Bottom line"

"It's just like the person that doesn't want a speeding ticket "don't speed"

That is all I said. The one thing you can't avoid will always be the cosequences of your actions, regardless.

Being a citizen means holding each other accoutable, so you can have a better community. I stand by it. I see peace circles with community involvement in crime, and it is no wonder those communities have the least crime and the least re-offend rate. I also offer this. Those close to peope are biased usually than others in the community that are more subjective, if all, people get together it can make huge strides to find solutions for the common good (unlike our justice sytstem and unlike those that enable (interntionally or not)..

06:06 pm - Fri, November 30 2012
Troy'ith said:
The problem yc.,. is you think, I'm judging them. I'm not.

My statements are just that, all the other stuff is a creation of how interpt it rather real or not. which is why up above I asked is this true or not?

Cognitive thoughts are very diificult to get a hold of. It takes a lot of work to master them or know them. This statement stands out "If people took more time to take care of their own crap instead of judging others for theirs" There is this saying.

analyzing others is knowledge
knowing yourself is wisdom
managing others requires skill
mastering yourself takes inner strength.

yes I would agree (but what if their life is in order?), like the former addict who goes to meetings (and has their house in order) and is an essential part in recovery for new people that want to get better.

You assumed I thought "bad people" (yet I ddn't apply anything in regards to them) only other than true facts), and I also realize innocent people get convicted helping free 29 such to date. I realize how crappy the justice system can be, crap lawyersb for defense, bad judges and often times not very honest prosecutors.. trust me I know...

I don't believe in "bad people" I do believe people can do bad things, but I also believe with community help people can also do great things, it is why I support, why I worked through law a right for felons to vote in Washington, because I understand I've been there which is probably why I believe so much in accoutability.. thus why I also sign my name. I have nothing to hide from anyone.. now that is freedom!


09:49 am - Sat, December 1 2012
Fletch said:
That's a tough pill for me to swallow. I, along with some friends of mine, over the last year or so, gave a rehabing person some constructive thing to do around our work and homes to try and help this person. In the end, he comminted B&E and larceny. Biteing the hand that had fed him. There is an expression I am fond of, @#$! me once, shame on you, !$#@ me twice, shame on me...
12:17 pm - Sat, December 1 2012
Troy'ith said:
Fletch, sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't. One of my biggest challenges currently in politics is this.

We tell people with legal history to get a job, why telling everyone to not hire them because of their legal history.

It's a huge problem because 12.5 % of population have a felony and around 20% misdemeanor. Production jobs were amongst the leader for hiring these people, those jobs are now in china.. creating twice the unemployment rate of others which in turn leave a lot of state assistance. This is why I like Daves Bread and Powell but also love BetterPeople.. Better people holds those that want different consequences than those they were getting accountable and in return niot only get better work.... but changes in cognitive thoughts - we know this..

thoughts=feelings=behavior=consequences=thoughts=feelings=behavior=consequences etc.ect...

so .. it's a great program. Portland is lucky to have it.

11:58 am - Sun, December 2 2012
Jeb Bladine said:
Many stories about criminal charges filed by law enforcement are called inaccurate or incomplete because they don’t include personal details and circumstances related to the people charged.
Normally, we have no knowledge of those personal circumstances. We are not in a position to investigate them because, as a general rule, people charged with crimes are not welcoming to reporters trying to dig more deeply into their personal lives.
Some people believe arrests should not be reported until the system determines guilt or innocence. That can take years, and almost always it takes months. Such a policy would eliminate all current reporting about criminal activity in our community.
We report the actions taken by law enforcement. So far as we know, the details of this story match what was reported by local police and what was taken to a judge in last week’s arraignment proceeding. With hundreds of law enforcement cases flowing through the local system at any one time, in-person newspaper coverage of those proceedings is very limited.
Jeb Bladine
07:46 am - Mon, December 3 2012
Roxy said:
Those who think the NR is inaccuarte or bias, only believe so because they personal opinion differs from the facts.

THESE PEOPLE DID SOMETHING WRONG, REGARDLES OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES - NOW, PAY THE CONSEQUENCES do i have to pay their bills and raise their kids and share family meals with them to try to excuse their behavior? Sorry, I have called the cops on my own family when they have done things that are illegal - even though the circumstances were tought because until you start having some consequences for your stupid behavior, you don't learn your lesson.....

you don't want people peeking into your personal life? don't do stupid things, and don't do amazing things that will get your name and face in the paper....although i have a feeling that if they were receiving some type of award or recognition, they wouldn't mind it so much......

08:56 am - Mon, December 3 2012
Fletch said:
"These people did something wrong."
I wonder how many of these 12.5% and 20% are from marijuana posession? That's it. No other crimes...
Say the person was a kid who was busted with some marijuana, now this person is unable to get a student loan because of it. So the uphill battle begins...
12:22 pm - Mon, December 3 2012
Call me John said:
Fletch, marijuana, in Oregon, is STILL an illegal substance and until it isn't, you will have to pay a consequence if found in posession, and if you know how to read, the article specifically say meth.

for those of you trying to defend this couple, p'leeeese, boo hoo, my friends are being trashed on by the NR because of a "controlled substance offense/oxycodone, endangering the welfare of a minor, frequenting a place where a controlled substand is used and possession of a controlled substance/methamphetamine charge" but you don't undertand, they are "good people" you don't understand the circumstances, they had no other way of providing for their child, and their lives are so hard....

well guess what? this is not the way to fix it, you work hard, you beg on the street if you have to but you don't expose your family to drugs...drugs are bad bad things, they make you do stupid things, i should know, i have family members in jail because of them, and now their kids don't have a daddy, and their moms have to work extra hard to support them, believe me it aint worth it. get a real job.
09:11 pm - Mon, December 3 2012
Fletch said:
Just because it's printed, does not mean GUILTY. I'm not defending no one, just sayn...
The article did refer to "marijuana pipes and bongs."
So tell me John, whould you hire the two if you had an opening?
That's the problem with the "War on Drugs." Their kids don't have a Daddy."
For all anyone one knows, these two are cleared by doctors to use marijuana. If they are not, well the law is the law. After all, Oregon has voted in (twice) that marijuana is an acceptable way to deal with a variety of conditions.
From what I understand, The Dude down on 3'rd and Baker, saluteing people with the sign that says VET, when offered a ride to the VA hospital, declined because he's not a vet...
So really, what is it about drugs, that makes YOUR life more difficult? Other then your relatives kids not having a daddy...
Don't get me wrong, I don't like people who prey on others. I'm just a person asking a question...

07:19 am - Tue, December 4 2012
Call me John said:
the article also refered to meth, one of the worst types of drugs out there that can get you hooked after just one try - THAT is my problem with drugs, I don't want them around all over the place, it makes it easy for stupid kids to try it because they are down or mad or whatever and then, it ruins their life. I don't think marijuana, especially legally obtained and used is the problem, the problem is the drug dealers and pushers that convince our youth to try it because it will get rid of all your problems and make you feel good - even if you have good parents, sometimes kids do stupid things that they can pay the rest of their lives for, or worse die for. not to mention the fact that drugs simply make already questionable adults do even more questionnable things - drive under the influence - I don't know about you, but i don't want one of them killing me or my loved ones, chewing off people's faces, costing thousands of tax dollars worth of medical and social services, yeah, it is MY problem and it should be YOUR problem and EVERYONE'S problem too
07:33 am - Tue, December 4 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
I agree.
01:32 pm - Tue, December 4 2012
Fletch said:
I agree that meth is a drug not fit for public consumption.
The thing is that it's allready illegal and yet it's doing all the things you have mentioned. People are going to do what their going to do. I don't like seeing anyones loved ones taken away from them. If they are not using resposibly, ( doen't that sound like a beer commercial) then by all means penalize them.
Either way it's going to cost money to deal with.
the current regimes are costing the tax payer quite a bit of money with what to show for it.
There are so many things wrong with drugs and the way they are handled. The CIA has been caught in drug running...
I just don't like having somebody elses fears influence the way I live my life. I really respect your view John, but respectfully, "I want to go where ever I want, and LIVE where ever I want to go."
03:33 pm - Tue, December 4 2012
Call me John said:
well just imagine if it wasn't illegal

do you think more people drink beer/smoke or do drugs?

more people drink or use tobacco, i believe that has to do with the fact that it is legal and readily available, and does not face jail time just for consuming it

my fears have been proven to be real, they are not fabricated, drugs have done very very bad things to people and entire communities and even countries - i don't believe legalizing dangerous drugs in the solution, it will come with bigger consequences - increased costs, increased deaths, increased prison sentences....

i respect your opinion, but i will never agree with it
05:38 pm - Tue, December 4 2012
Troy'ith said:
Since I have a big mouth. I will chime in..I don't like pot because of two reasons. It can be a gateway drug, and people who use it daily, (when they stop) become moody jerks.

Even in the State of Oregon with a medical card, you can't use it on probation Unless you get a special court order to allow it (I believe), and you are not protected from losing your job because of it and if you have an accident that causes harm to someone while under the influence, while at work or not you can be deemed liable.

There are some places (netherlands) it doesn't seem like a big deal.. My own thought is we spend too much time not in reality, we don't need more, but less! We need to learn to feel, not find things that continue to make it not possible.

Mindfulness is great! start there.. hint.hint..

Some think it is the wonder drug for cancer patients? "helps with the pain" "so don't know? each different I suppose.. just not my thing.. but it certainly is down on my list for crimes that needs attended.

troy prouty*
05:54 am - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
Like I have said before, I am not down for more drug consumption. I have watched meth rott my friends and families brains. I am just under the opinion that when you look at drugs as a whole, WORLD WIDE something different needs to be done. I happen to beleive the Global Drug Commissions reports on the matter are valid. I am looking past McMinnville. I know that when it is in your own backyard it can be more personal, but in reality,it's a global problem.,
12:44 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
I would bet deep down in a persons core who has spent a vast majority of their lives on drugs, when they look themselves in the morror, they see a waisted life. To me, not being able to be proud of yourself is a far worse punishment then any set of bars can provide.
01:57 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Call me John said:
So if that junkie kills your mother, your father, your kid....because they were under the influence of a drug, even a "legal"one, would you still think not being able to be proud of yourself would be enough punishment?
02:07 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
manslaughter is punishable by law. I'm not holding drugs responsible, I'm holding the user accountable.
03:03 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
I have come to the realization that drug use is not going away. The current ways it is managed is not working. Look at the YC inmate roster and you can see what kind of effect it has in YC. All I see are a bunch of people on drugs paying fines. Fines that finance YC. I guess there are some jobs created there.
We are 50 years into a regime that has been reported by a commission put together by the UN to have had very little to no sucess.
Why are you trying to tear at my heart strings?
03:31 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
"We need to learn to feel, not find things that continue to make it not possible."
Paxil anyone... The goverment and big pharma are the TRUE KINGS of changing the way people feel... You can't leave the doctors office without a sample of this or perscription of that. Internalized oppression also comes to mind. Look up the definWhat is internalized oppression?

When people are targeted, discriminated against, or oppressed over a period of time, they often internalize (believe and make part of their self-image – their internal view of themselves) the myths and misinformation that society communicates to them about their group. Exploited peasants might internalize the ideas that they can’t do any other kind of work, that their lives were meant to be as they are, and that they’re worth less than people with wealth or education. Women might internalize the stereotype that they are not good at math and science, or people of color might internalize the myth that they are not good workers,

When people from targeted groups internalize myths and misinformation, it can cause them to feel (often unconsciously) that in some way they are inherently not as worthy, capable, intelligent, beautiful, good, etc. as people outside their group. They turn the experience of oppression or discrimination inward. They begin to feel that the stereotypes and misinformation that society communicates are true and they act as if they were true. This is called internalized oppression.

Internalized oppression affects many groups of people: women, people of color, poor and working class people, people with disabilities, young people, elders, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, gays, and many other groups. (You may belong to one of these groups, even if it is not mentioned here.
04:11 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Fletch said:
05:21 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Troy'ith said:
There is no doubt about inequality has complicationsm like that. Kant new that way back when, I have brought those thoughts forward along with many others regarding the lack of social economic mobility in this country. Inequality is the heart of it even through education etc..etc.. we see those respond different. At some point it becomes mental and it knocks you down.

Let's take legal history.. person doesn't get a job one application in.. (no biggie)... 100.. (small concern)n 1000 huge concern and it plays a huge mental game on you.. the same is true about many things...

I'm not sure we can win to bring a more equal society.. but I never give up.. and won't..

07:10 am - Fri, December 7 2012
Call me John said:
I belong to many of those groups Fletch, but i also consider myself a stong, intelligent person who has a lot to offer, belonging to one of those groups does not in itself create internilized opression as i'm sure you will agree - there are usually other factors and people need to start seeking help, educating themselves, so they can be happy with who and what they are - you could be rich, white, male, etc. but if you feel you have no self worth, it doesn't matter - that has nothing to do with drugs, drugs to me are sort of like the side-effect - you turn to them because you are already troubled, you have some internal issues, not the other way around, although i do think drugs make it worse.
11:27 am - Fri, December 7 2012
Fletch said:
Maybe if you were put in jail for falling into one or more of them groups, you might soon subconsciously, take on the persona that the incarceration portrays you to be.
"Because you are all ready in trouble." People do infinite things for infinite reasons. Are they in "Trouble" because you say they are? Are they in "Trouble" because the goverment says they are? Incarceration only amplifies the feelings of no self worth in my opinion.
I'm right there with you John in the aspect that I choose to keep my chin up!
I also understand that there are many things that can attack a person internally. As much as I would like to think I am strong enough to defeat all those things, there are some that are just overwhelming at times. I think There are tools available to help keep ones self stay centered. Beleive it or not, fishing, being within 10 yards of any wild animal and riding my Harley 110, work wonders for myself. Just like anyone I get lazy, and fall to my shortcommings.
I just think that people do what they do because there is some sort of need for doing it, once that need is fofilled, they will move on. I HAD an overweight child, I did not acknowledge his weight but one or twice throught his childhood. Then one day, he was tired of being overweight and did something about it. There was no pressure. It was all him! Most anyone knows food and activity are two of the most difficult things to manage. I'm willing to bet, if I would of hounded him about it, There would have been more adverse affects then positive ones.

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