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Marijuana Measure 80 should be DOA at polls

Marijuana aficionados have been trying to legalize pot through the back door in Oregon for years

Sep 28, 2012 | 62 Comments

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11:41 pm - Sat, September 29 2012
Douglas Heuer said:
I happen to like Saturday Night Live. They poke fun at the ridiculous and would certainly poke fun at your editorial. Funny you didn't know that George Washington's journals mentioned his dismay at not pulling the male plants in his marijuana garden, which is something you don't have to do just to grow hemp.

Thomas Jefferson, our first Patent Officer, decided that his invention to process cannabis was too important for mankind for him to patent it for himself. Jefferson said that "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country." Who knew, really? It just shows that they really cared about jobs and the economy, rather than some ridiculous war against a plant.

We have endured 75 years of cannabis prohibition that was based on racial discrimination and falsehoods. History, if we observe it, shows that prohibition has been an utter failure ... and that Measure 80 is a citizen initiative aiming to end this ridiculous failure.
08:00 am - Sun, September 30 2012
retiredbs said:
I agree with Douglas. Enough of the losing war on this plant. I will be voting to approve the sales and taxing of marijuana, and I will be one of the first in line to purchase it.
08:30 am - Sun, September 30 2012
retiredbs said:
One more point. Until December 1933, those of you who now think nothing of ordering a beer or glass of wine with your dinner or are so proud of our Wine Country in the Willamette Valley, would face criminal sanctions. Prohibition did not work for the sale of alcohol and the war on pot hasn't been anymore successful. When enough of the general public decides the law against possession is ridiculous and are basically ignoring it (just like alcohol consumption in 1933) new laws will be approved. Just like the 21st amendment to our constitution which reversed the 18th amendment which prohibited the manufacturing and sales of alcohol.
09:17 am - Sun, September 30 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
....well I'll be?

Never had ya figured to be an 'old wheezer'... retiredbs.

And that is exactly why I am a faithful paid-subscriber to the News-Register. I like to learn something new every day, even if learning it was accomplished via this online comment feature.

Bless you, and thank you for allowing us, Jeb Bladine.

Sincerily & Respectfully,

Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, OR
01:13 pm - Sun, September 30 2012
RSteeb said:
The prohibition of Earth's most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity.

Do you seriously doubt that Washington knew the medicinal effects of "Indian Hemp" when he instructed his gardener to "sow it everywhere"?

If you don't know what "Indian Hemp" is, Google "William Brooke O'Shaugnessy" and inform yourself.

Besides, to keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are sold freely would be *MURDEROUSLY STUPID*.

On 16 October we'll see whether the DC federal court agrees with the absurd "Schedule I status" of Cannabis. I can hardly wait.
02:01 pm - Sun, September 30 2012
Kona said:
Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because "prohibition doesn't work"?

Do we do away with age limits, also?
03:25 pm - Sun, September 30 2012
Silencedogood said:
What's the difference between a "Marijuana Aficionado" and an "Old Wheezer"?
06:15 pm - Sun, September 30 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Less effort.
08:05 pm - Sun, September 30 2012
Mack said:
This is a great measure. Just what our state needs. Let's pass it! Lets start teaching the joy of pot in elementary schools. Let's get our elderly on it. Homemakers. Professionals. Our firefighters. Truck drivers. Nurses. Doctors. Teachers. Everyone. Let it flow man. Let it flow. Pot for all!
Our world, our country, our community, our families are in great shape. Everything in our society is going fine. All is well in the world. We don't need clear minded, clean living, hard working, sharp, industrious people in Oregon. No, what we need is legal pot. Let's join together and make it legal for everyone to numb out, haze over and live in the fog.
10:55 am - Mon, October 1 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:

I really see very little difference between being inebriatedstoned in this day and age. I'd suppose your question "Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because 'prohibition doesn't work'?"

My answer to your query would be, not entirely. For some, their perspective/view/take and/or whatever, concerning pornography/pornographic acts depicted and/or displayed in any manner, no matter how you've hashed it, should not be lightly excused..or..dismissed.

Not too long after entering the age of cablevison the laws of our land began to change. Why?

Me? Do I have an interest in this particular argument? No, not really, I've tried Marijuana in the past, and one..or..two tokes later, I'm hating life non-stop for at least the following 8 to 10 hours...NO THANK YOU!

11:35 am - Mon, October 1 2012
DDwishart said:
This is so stupid. They're attacking Measure 80 by saying things like

"A little further down Page 1, the bill cites one source claiming marijuana has been used for more than 10,000 years without a single overdose. How that possibly could be proven is certainly a mystery."

Ok, sure, but we have clinically proven the you can't consciously ingest the amount of cannabis required to overdose. So sure, is there true evidence no one has ever overdosed? No. Is it possible? No.

This article is ridiculous, it says

"The law, if passed, would supersede all previous state laws and ordinances regulating cannabis except driving while impaired, so evidently the authors do agree there is some impairment of users."

Oh no! They've revealed our secret! Not. No one claimed that weed doesn't impair you temporarily. Alcohol does the same thing, and that's why you cant drive when you drink it. End of argument. Really? That's they best they've got? A recycled anti-drinking and driving line?

This is the best part, they try to demonize Paul Stanford (the creator of Measure 80) by mentioning that he owns medical marijuana dispensaries. Aha! That's it! They've struck us deep! There's no coming back from that!
Really? Of course someone is going to make money from this bill passing. A lot of people will. And it'll likely even pay for the Social Security of the worm that wrote this article. There are anesthesiologists making millions off of there drugs. Does that mean we should get rid of anesthesia?

Vote yes on Measure 80, and next year will pass a bill illegalizing idiotic journalists.
06:51 am - Tue, October 2 2012
Kona said:
Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, just because "prohibition doesn't work"?

Do we legalize all now illegal drugs, if a person "hasn't overdosed on the drug"?

Do we do away with age limits, also?
07:52 am - Tue, October 2 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Some, perhaps..

Some, perhaps.

If parent(s) signs on/give the green light to their child, perhaps.

10:06 am - Tue, October 2 2012
Manup said:
"To be clear, there are strong arguments for the legalization of marijuana as part of an overall national drug policy. Federal and state governments spend billions every year trying to enforce antiquated marijuana laws when that money should be spent capturing and prosecuting drug cartels pushing cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other destructive substances. But that’s a topic for another day."

This statement is dripping with bias. I thought news was supposed to be anti-biased?

To be clear, there are those that disagree and have strong arguments against the legaliization of marijuana- even if I will be outnumbered here.
01:16 pm - Tue, October 2 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Manup, it's not a news article, it's and editorial that serves as a conduit into the mind of Jeb Bladine.

That's why you'd found it under the banner of---> Opinion, in the Perspective section.

05:54 am - Wed, October 3 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
"If the parent(s) signs on/give the green light to their child, perhaps."

At the moment I'd made that comment, I'd had sharing wine with family at the dinner table, and 17 year olds marching off to war with a parent(s) blessing in mind.

I'd suppose that in different times and eras, some (parents) may..or.. may not have objections to allowing their 15 year old to sit down with a grandfather, smoke Cohiba Esplendido's and sip 190 proof 'White Lighting' on a particularly sunny afternoon.

Any thoughts?

08:02 am - Wed, October 3 2012
Fletch said:
"Backdoor" Is this the same backdoor The City Of Carlton was using to get some rediculious ordinance through? Hmmm... This is a snowball gaining size. It's ALL READY happening. Even with the current laws. I'll bet there are just as many non registered users as registered users. Are you feeling dumbed down all ready? If the farmers get on board it should be a land slide. The Christmas tree, grass seed and hazelnut industry might be re thinking their potential earnings with an production of 8 times the bio mass an acer of trees will produce anually. This means more fiber, oil ect. Do your own homework and inform yourself. Don"t take the NRs word for it.
The kids argument. Well lets see. The kids all ready are faced with the choice even if the medical laws as they are. Nothing is going to change other then more jobs, money flowing and a "BOOM" of a new/old industry. What is the next "BOOM" to bring us out of this hole we are in? Like I said, do your own searches. There is endless supply of them. The confussed mind says no. Get informed and be a voter. Even if you choose to vote yes or no, you have made a informed decission...
08:36 am - Thu, October 4 2012
santor said:
It's a shame the News-Register wants us to support the gangs and cartels that sell marijuana to children and perpetrate violence. Why do you support the black market instead of regulated outlets? Since the main result of this is that gangs and cartels keep their lucrative market selling to children with no competition from legal suppliers who don't, one wonders why the News-Register wants children to have greater access to marijuana? Or do they just prefer gangs and cartels to legal regulated supplies?
09:27 am - Thu, October 4 2012
sbagwell said:
Or, is it possible we simply have a disagreement about the wisdom of legalization.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor
11:53 am - Thu, October 4 2012
Fletch said:
Who is we? Did you take an internal vote on the subject?
12:17 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
Zak said:
Don't make it legal, today it's marijuana, tomorrow cocaine, then meth....

don't make it easier for kids to get drugs!
12:39 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
Kona said:

santor, it is an aggressive incorrect leap on your part to assume that "the News-Register wants us to support the gangs and cartels that sell marijuana to children and perpetrate violence" from the editorial.

You asked, "Why do you support the black market instead of regulated outlets?" Again, a false view on your part.

All in all, your straw man argument has zero validity.
01:04 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
Fletch said:
I would have to say it's a possibility that half of the staff my be more pro then against...
01:38 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
Fletch said:
Kids all ready have it available. Its a personal choice. Try being better parents and educating your children. It's like anything else. You hide something from someone and their curiosity gets the better of them.
Guns for instance. If you hide your guns from your kids, they are going to be curious why is this being hidden from me. What is this thing that is so important that my mom or dad need to have but I can't see. If you like guns and give your child a bb gun to shoot till they have a blister on his or hers finger and educate gun safety, they are not going to be curious about yours. I'm not saying give your children pot. I am saying kids arn't dumb. I'll bet most of them are insulted when missled or lied to or have something hidden from them.You can't hide them from it In this day and age, it is all over TV and the internet. The best a person can hope for is to educate and help the child make a informed decission when faced with it. You are living in a dream world if you think kids don't have easy access to it all ready... I remember when I was a youngster way before any notion of legalization, medical laws were inacted, it was around as early as I can remember. No, my parents didn't smoke it to my knowledge. It has been and all ways will be. Thats reality.
01:44 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
sbagwell said:
As clearly stated on the page, the News-Register's editorials reflect the views of its editorial board, which consists of senior news executives. We do not poll, survey or consult the staff.
As a board, we simply offer our views for consideration. Others are free to offer theirs. Ultimately, the free marketplace of ideas and the workings of the ballot box will determine what prevails, and we'll all live with it.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor
03:10 pm - Thu, October 4 2012
Fletch said:
The bottom line is I want facts, not opinion. This is not a factual editorial in the slightest. I am perfectly capable of sorting out facts and making an informed decission. When it comes to a vote, solid information is what Americans need. The editorial doesn't do you guys any favors.
That back door statement was a joke. How many DA's, law enforcement or polititians use back door practices to get votes, convictions, arrest ect. I went down to the capitol building a couple of summers ago to listen to our DA make a presentation to a panel on medical marijuana. He started out saying how he knows it is needed in the beginning to sliding in verbage in the end that would make it virtually impossible to have any doctor put a signature to the application. Please...
10:06 am - Fri, October 5 2012
Zak said:
Fletch, I KNOW kids can get pot, that's why my comment says "don't make it easier for kids to get drugs!" - do you know how much easier it is for youth to get alcohol and beer than it is to get pot? you can pay a bum $5 to buy you beer or cigarrets, you know where to find it, it can legally be in any household, legalizing makes it EASIER to get drugs.
11:06 am - Fri, October 5 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
An intolerant iron fisted nanny state that crushes all free will, certainly didn't harm old Joe Kennedys' bank account, nor those of his children and his childrens children for that matter.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

05:14 pm - Fri, October 5 2012
Fletch said:
This is just my opinion, I would rather my under age child smoke pot then drink. Judgment is out the window once the drinking starts... Hypothetically speaking...
05:32 pm - Fri, October 5 2012
Fletch said:
Check it out.
05:52 pm - Fri, October 5 2012
Kona said:


Wouldn't it be terrific if they weren't exposed to either one (alcohol and pot)? And if they were exposed, to realize how destructive both are.

You said, "This is just my opinion, I would rather my under age child smoke pot then drink".
08:22 am - Sat, October 6 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Having 3 out of the last 4 U.S. Presidents admitting to using illegal and/or prohibited substances certainly isn't helpful.
08:25 am - Sat, October 6 2012
Dances with Redwoods said: it?
10:13 am - Sat, October 6 2012
Fletch said:
That's not reality. Prohabitions does not work. If a person wants something and makes up their mind, their going to get it.
I'm not one to cut others from enjoying things such as alcohol or marijuana to protect another group. Education is where it's at.
Don't get me wrong, I do not want any under age persons using alcohol or Marijuana. But it's there for them to choose to use it or not. Why do you keep saying " wouldn't it be nice " Get real! Figure it out. Try and figure out a way to Have a better system of it in our scociety verses fighting a lost battle... Goverment has been trying to keep it down to know aveil.
Did you know that the human body carries natural cannabinoids in its make up? That why medically, marijuana is such a good fit to our chemical system for fighting pain and other symptoms that are suppressed or wiped out all together from medical marijuana.
It has been beaten into our psyche that marijuana is bad by the goverment who has been influenced by big business. Do your recearch. You don't have to like it, But it isn't going away. I just calls em' as I sees em'... It would appear to me, that your psyche has been bruised more then mine...
Bayer has been given exculsive rights to market a product called Sativex in the UK. It's about to get a whole lot bigger. I knew big business could stay away for to long...
10:25 am - Sat, October 6 2012
Fletch said:
Excuse me, "terrific"
02:29 pm - Sat, October 6 2012
Kona said:

You said, "Prohabitions does not work. If a person wants something and makes up their mind, their going to get it."

So using your set of values, would you suggest doing away restrictions on legal drugs, cocaine, heroin, speed limits, thievery and many other situations that are prohibited?
04:10 pm - Sat, October 6 2012
Fletch said:
You have know idea what my values are...
I'll have to ponder that. It's an apples and orange thing off the tip of my brain...
I don't think marijuana should be flantate and commercialized. Like the tabacco industry having the adds pulled. Good Idea. I do think marijuana does have a roll in our scociety. Adults are just that. Making decissions and being free to do it is part of being an american.
I guess I'm thinking that a person should have the right to smoke a cigarette in a bar if the owner of the bar permits it. I don't need goverment deciding that it's all or nothing. I think if a person wants a smoke free bar to have a beer in, Then go to a bar that does not permit smoking. I think the guy who owns that bar should not be hit with a discrimination law suit for wanting to cater to a particular crowd... After all, with proper education of the facts, if a person decides he or she wants to smoke that cigarette, their adults making up their own mind...
I guess I don't like the all or nothing approach. I wish there were spots in each state where I could ride my Harley 120 mph If wanted to and not get busted. Like the Autobohn. I suppose I am ok with designated areas...
It's for your protection. So they say.
So from what I understand about cocaine and heroin, They are both extremely addictive unlike marijuana, They have no health benifits. All you have to do is look at the photos of before and after that are out there. I think marijuana is schedualled wrong for one, and will be challanged on 10/16/2012 on that very schedualling. I've seen first hand what meth does to people, I really don't know anyone to my knowledge that uses cocaine or heroin, but from what I have seen with meth, That stuff is just wrong... I think that stuff was designed to give to soldiers to make them mindless killers... From what I have seen from results of meth use, it certainly makes one seem mindless to me...
06:19 pm - Sat, October 6 2012
Kona said:


I think we can find some agreement here. I also believe that a person should be able to have the choice to live their life in any way they choose. I do limit my thoughts in that as soon as their life infringes upon the life of any other person in any detrimental way, it is not acceptable behavior. I have no problem with individual behavior or use of anything if it is done in a vacuum. I do have a problem with uses of any mind altering materials that affect anyone other than the user.
06:42 am - Sun, October 7 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
And there in lies the conundrum, the crux of this debate, Kona..
12:47 pm - Mon, October 8 2012
Fletch said:
Agreed. The limiting of thoughts is just what goverment & the NR likes. DON"T DO IT KONA.
The list of legal mind altering materials is long. ALCOHAL, Chocolate, , aspirin, the phedrins, caffeine ect.
02:33 pm - Mon, October 8 2012
sbagwell said:
Because it expresses an opinion, it favors "the limiting of thoughts?" The fact that the newspaper hosts comments on stories and invites letters to the editor suggests just the opposite. The newspaper shares its thoughts and invites everyone else to do so as well.
I think you misunderstood Kona's meaning in the first place, but that's something else entirely.
I just don't understand the hostility over someone else expressing a simple opinion. Is it not a free country? Do we not value the freedom of all to speak their minds? We having one opinion does nothing to diminish your right to have another.

05:19 pm - Mon, October 8 2012
retiredbs said:
@Steve; I guess people get upset with the "opinion" of a newspapers' editorial because it carries much more weight than the average Joe who writes an opinion to the Editor. Many people do not do their own research of Measures and don't really want to either. If they subscribe to their local paper and have agreed with the Editorial opinions in the past, they more than likely will follow your recommendation. So yes we all have opinions and are entitled to them, but I'm sure many more subscribers will follow your advice than of someone named "retiredbs"! (Laughingly said)
07:30 pm - Mon, October 8 2012
Kona said:

Many years ago I would get a little upset when an editorial did not coincide with my thoughts. At some point I realized that any editorial that prompted people to think about issues and differences of opinion was valuable. This editorial succeeded and I appreciate it. "Fletch", I appreciate your difference of opinion and I am sure that there are many who would agree with your stance. Thank you.
07:23 am - Tue, October 9 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
I agree.
04:06 pm - Tue, October 9 2012
Fletch said:
There is not hostility here. This is just a person feeling a little like the 'good ole boy club' is @ work here.
Thanks KONA, Back @ cha!
I am curious now that you have revealed your opinion on this subject NR. Where is the basis of your opinion derived from? I try to do my homework and use my lifes experiances to form my opinions. I'm just curious if I have missed some piece if info that my sway my opinion. I have smoked pot and I understand the effects it has on my person. Have you? Or is your opinion formed on hearsay and conjecture? Once again, there is no hosility here...
04:09 pm - Tue, October 9 2012
Fletch said:
Sorry for my poor spelling...
05:53 pm - Tue, October 9 2012
sbagwell said:
Do you need to do a prison stretch to have an opinion on Measure 11? Do you have to fish commercially to have an opinion on the Columbia River fisheries issue? Do you have to hang out in a casino to form an opinion on the casino issue? Do you have to visit the White House to get up to speed on the presidential race?
We have an editorial board. We research issues, then discuss them until we reach some sort of majority opinion that may not necessarily be shared by all. It's really that simple.
We reach opinions on a vast range of issues, and readers are perfectly free to embrace or reject them, as they see fit.
We are under no illusions about our ability to affect the outcome of a statewide issue. Yamhill County's votes will disappear in a vast avalanche of votes from elsewhere, and who's to see we will actually have any influence even on the paltry sum cast locally? In all likelihood, very little.
We offer opinions to spur thought and discussion, not to rule the world.
Good Old Boy Club? I have no idea how you might possibly arrive at any such conclusion. If you mean you think we are in cahoots with some sort of Oregon power structure, I can assure you that we are not. The fix is definitely not in from outside.
We're just ordinary folks who call 'em as we see 'em in really quite ordinary ways. I can't see why it should stir any fuss at all. None of our other measure stands have, and we've editorialized on every one of them, including casinos and commercial fishing, counseling no and no.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor
09:39 pm - Tue, October 9 2012
Kona said:

Firstly, there is no need to apologize for spelling. Some of the most intelligent people I have known have regularly made spelling errors.

Secondly, what specifically bothers you about the editorial? Is it the general position that there should be a "no" vote on Measure 80, or is it the way it was written. From your comments, it seems that there is more to it than the simple contrary opinion expressed by the editorial board.

Thirdly, as I stated previously, I could only endorse smoking pot if it did not affect any other person. I can not endorse the use of alcohol when the use affects people other than the user. I will support your position if you can explain that how the widespread use of marijuana will not have negative affects on nonusers of marijuana in Oregon.
02:14 pm - Wed, October 10 2012
Fletch said:
Thats why we vote. The total starts @ 1. It's insane to put out a vibe like our votes might not even matter. At least thats the sence I get from your comment. All we need is young people or any other 'demo' thinking their votes don't even matter.
I was at a resturant in portland this morning having breakfast. I was sitting at the bar becuse I like a good bloodymary from time to time. The barkeep was a young gal covered in tattoos and piercings. Looking of one stereo type or another. I Listen to here talking to another customer. It seems they recognize one another from PSU. She and this customer were telling each other about their study programs. The male had been attending PSU for the last 6 years and the gal was in graduate program. The male had a sence of no direction as I heard it. like he was spinning his wheels a little bit. The gal was offering counceling to him because she understood how use her classes and credits to put her through school the quickest with optimum results. I was quite impressed. She has traveled to South America and been back to finish her program. Very motivated!
I asked her if she was a registered voter and she was. I asked her if she was going to vote. She said she knew nothing about any of the measures and said no. We had been talking about how Great Oregon is earlier in the conversation. I just left it as it would be nice to have smart young motivated people such as yourself to have a say in matters that will affect you. After all, you do live in Oregon. It seem young people are very disenchanted with goverment as it is. Votes matter and so do voters.
The 'spin' on the whole thing KONA. All of the above you mentioned... No facts behind their opinion so on and so forth. Kona, I will get right back with you...
03:35 pm - Wed, October 10 2012
Fletch said:
Well Kona, I am just a person with a point of view. I don't think of myself as a advocate. There is more to the measure then just smoking pot in my mind. The industrial hemp side I feel will be the bigger aspect of the measure. I would think it's hard to pass a measure that will not affect others. That is the very nature of the measures. To have a impact on Orgonians on way or another. As I stated before. You are curently surrounded by 'widespead' marijuana users already. Wheather you realize it or not. Marijuana did not become Oregons LARGEST cash crop from lack of use... I really feel that not much is going to change as you know it. I'm sure there will be some sort of initial shock value. ( for lack of a better word). But after the smoke clears, ( no pun intended )all things concidered. Business as usual. Other then more legal taxable money flowing through out the state, less space being taken in our jail systems for non violent criminals, a better renewable resource then what we have today, more carbon being scrubbed from the atmosphere, the over all healing power being available to anyone who chooses to take advantage of it. I could go on for quite sometime with this...
The Global Drug Commission came out with a report last summer. It was a conclusion on the data gathered over the last 50 years of " The War On Drugs." Their conclusion was that Americas policies are negatively impacting the current state of drug use through out the world. The GDC was put together by the UN.
Remember, there is 50 years of experiance behinde the summary of this report.
Like I said above. Become informed and if vote yes or no, at least you became informed. Kona, look at that report from June 2011. Its on the link.
03:41 pm - Wed, October 10 2012
Fletch said:
The commission is made up of former presidents from around the world and high powered political leaders from around the world. If you search their webpage, you will see who is currently sitting on the commission.
10:40 am - Thu, October 11 2012
Fletch said:
Hey Knoa;
I just read the report from the GDC on the war on drugs and it's effect on HIV around the world. Very interesting! Please read it or at least skim through it. The first 3 pages give a good over all perspective of what the world thinks on the current policies used. It is backed up by real facts and information. One reason this sticks out to me is, I can put faces to who is making these reports. Their photo is on their website. Real people from around the world. It's a 'BIG PICTURE" look @ the current drug policies.
12:35 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
Fletch said:
Please feel free to read these reports on the links I posted. It may or may not change your outlook on topics you may or may not report on...
01:29 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
sbagwell said:
Fletch —
In return, let me share this media release from some of your fellow Measure 80 supporters:
Vote Yes on Measure 80
author: Marijuana4kids e-mail:
Marijuana4kids supports Oregon Measure 80 — The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.
While it is true that Measure 80 only allows the sale of ready to smoke Marijuana to adults over the age of 21, there is a loophole in the law that will allow anyone of any age to buy marijuana seeds. Marijuana4kids believes that allowing kids to grow their own marijuana will teach them responsibility and useful gardening skills. "Johnny Can Weed All By Himself," an aspect of Measure 80 some might find more than a little surprising, is that the seeds for marijuana could legally be sold at your local 7 Dees or the Portland Nursery. This is because all seeds are classified as hemp, which is unregulated under the measure. Even 12- or 16-year-olds, who are otherwise restricted under the Cannabis Tax Act from possessing marijuana, could legally buy seeds.
It is much better for Johnny to grow his own after school 420 weed, than to buy it from the crack dealer down the street. Help us pass this Measure 80 so kids can learn to work hard and grow their own. Find us and help at


04:00 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
Fletch said:
I see where your coming from. I don't think kids and marijuana go together. I still hold to the fact if you, meaning parents are able to educate and not be fearful of talking with your kids.
I honestly think that this page is some sort of joke or put up by some anti 80 group. For all I know, You could of put up this page...

04:13 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
Fletch said:
I guess I never finished that thought about parents. kids will be more likely not to fill voids with other things like pot, if their parents are more involved in their lives.

05:08 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
sbagwell said:
I would love to discover the linked pages and their musings are part of an opposition dis-information campaign. I would hate to think any component of Measure 80 supporters actually think that way.
However, both pages are extremely elaborate, with many, many image and word postings. It's pretty hard to imagine someone going to the incredible trouble it would take to pull off a hoax of that magnitude.
You can rest easy on my account. I most certainly had nothing to do with it. I merely re-posted a release that came my way.
05:32 pm - Thu, October 11 2012
Kona said:

Fletch, I read the Global Drug Commission report that you cited. Thank you.

I cannot condone the widespread use of marijuana. I wouldn't like it if our governments gave the use the "go ahead". I don't condone our government being a major player in the gambling business either, but that is a different gig with poor outcomes.
12:34 pm - Fri, October 12 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
I'd read the same online Marijuana4kids article as well, Steve. My thoughts? was obviously a ridiculous 'spoof' meant to get a rise..

Are there people out there that will buy into such nonsensical crap just because they'd read it on the internet? No doubt.
12:41 pm - Fri, October 12 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
....actually...I'd be quite surprised if we don't see that idea used in some future Saturday Night Live skit.

That is if it isn't picked-up and used on Chappelle's show first....LOL... .
04:00 pm - Fri, October 12 2012
Fletch said:
To Each his own Kona. This has been a good comment section and I wish you well. Maybe we will have another debate on a new subject. Till then...
08:08 pm - Sun, October 21 2012
jballz said:

@Kona et al,

Does it never occur to you that whether it is legal or not has no bearing on whether people are going to use it?

I'm 37 years old, have spent much of my life in Oregon. I grew up around pot smokers, have worked with them at all levels of blue collar and white collar occupations throughout my career. School teachers, lawyers, dentists, etc. The need to control it is a sad vestige of a paranoid people. You are surrounded by pot smokers every day of your life. Get over it.

It is completely delusional to believe any of these people will not smoke pot because it is illegal. That is the whole point. What legalization does is take organized crime and the black market out of the equation (and NO this is NOT a "straw man" argument, is critically relevant and precise. Much of the Norcal/Oregon black market is controlled by Mexican drug cartels). It also alleviates the cost and suffering, yes human suffering, of marijuana smokers who are imprisoned or otherwise persecuted for their behavior.

The drug war is a failure. As to the idea that this bill should not pass on semantics is a terribly short sighted conclusion. Yes the nation needs a better policy, the fastest way to get it there is for individual states to assume their rightful place under the constitution and make their own laws. Measure 80 is exactly what is needed. If Oregon won't start the ball rolling, who will?

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