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Marijuana may be another state 'first'

Will that dubious honor instead go to the citizens of Colorado or Washington?

Oct 13, 2012 | 45 Comments

By Jeb Bladine
Of the News-Register

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10:26 am - Sat, October 13 2012
Fletch said:
So why when I click on Most Commented, it doesn't even show up? The editorial seem s to be buried in the website...
I think your right Jeb. The tide is rolling in and there is no force to hold it back, totally...
It seems to me, the old ways of dealing with marijuana were for profit gains of Corporate giants. You know what I'm talking about. Yellow Jurnalism. William Randolph Hearst. The editrial to me, reeked of it. Also in my opinion,it's for the war machine.
It's Still holds true today. I just can't understand how in Gods green earth, hemp can be the root of all evil.
Our world has evolved but are policies are from the past. Something has to change. With technologies becoming more refined. We have lost industry. Industry means jobs. Typewritters for example... It takes far less people to complete tasks then it took 75 years ago. Like I said, Whats the next "BOOM".
02:59 pm - Sat, October 13 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
It's not buried, it's stored in the editorial archives in order to make room for the next issue.

What's the next "BOOM" best guess would be (now that sodomy has been declared to be the new normal) Gay marriage!
10:57 am - Mon, October 15 2012
Fletch said:
I'm not sure where you are going with that.
11:56 am - Mon, October 15 2012
Ossie Bladine said:
Fletch, articles fall off the the Most Commented and Most Read tabs two weeks after it is posted, which is why it doesn't show there now. But it still can be found in the Editorials section of the Opinion tab..
12:22 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
"I'm not sure where you are going with that."

There are more than a few that see the potential for a lot of revenue to be drawn from that stream.
12:25 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
That is, should that stream be allowed to flow, Fletch.
03:01 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Fletch said:
Thanks for heads up on the opinion link.
Stream my eye, I'll bet It will be so big, a person will be able to take their new truck they bought from one of the local truck dealers here in town, go hook up to their new fishing boat and camper they bought from one of the local guys, and head on over to their favorite fishing hole Which is up that "stream". I should hope so Red.
03:56 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
My opinion is that it should be legal to grow ones own personal stash, same as one currently may with vegetables, roots, fruit, berries, nuts and/or fungi. My thoughts on commercially grown Marijuana, is that there will always be a market for it, same as there has always been a market for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

There will always be a vast/greater number people that won't (for whatever their own reason) brew their own beer, distill their own whiskey, ferment their own wine, grow their own food, harvest or slaughter it. Again, and it's only my opinion, but I feel that marijuana should (if it's going to be legally sold) be sold at any location that is allowed to sell taxed alcohol and tobacco products.

The tax collected by the state, and then 100% of it dedicated/disbursed to all county sheriff departments, equally.
04:36 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Fletch said:
Why just county? Why not state as well? My mind is going to the hemp side of the industry. With todays technoligies, I'm wondering what all this stuff can do. From what I uderstand the stuff in damn near indestructable once put into a composit form. Wouldn't that be something to have a biodegradable gun frames or stocks. Maybe it could replace plastic and all together. transportation frames made off the stuff. House siding, shingles, I think the list might be endless.
07:24 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
As for the state, it would benefit from the increased stream of income tax's (both personal and corporate) that would come from all of the jobs industrial Hemp would bring to Oregon.
07:26 pm - Mon, October 15 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Rope does come to mind, and so does the Tubbs Cordage Co.
12:03 pm - Tue, October 16 2012
Fletch said:
It's alot to type in I know. The title is Ford's hemp powerd hemp car. Short but good info.
12:29 pm - Tue, October 16 2012
Rotwang said:
I'd love to see this pass. Death to the evil drug war! Let Oregon lead the nation. In time, Congress will not be able to resist the wishes of their constituents.
04:31 pm - Tue, October 16 2012
Fletch said:
Red, It sound good to me. You gotta start somewheres.
By the way 'marijuana' is slang. Pot, reefer, dope, and others are as also. Made to disimform. Cannabis has three strains, Sativa, Indica and ruderalis. The first two possesses high amounts of THC while the last is for the industrial side with next to no THC.
08:16 am - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
What has me baffled, is, why hasn't there been more effort made in developing a strain of dandelion that grows so incredibly huge that it would produce seeds the size of Brazil nuts?

I can easily envision 14 foot tall dandelions with leaves the size of palm tree fronds. I dunno, any thoughts, Fletch?
10:07 am - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Too over the top, as far as an idea for the next big boom gors?

Taraxacum Offinina --->

Now picture (if you will) Taraxacum Giagnetum..or.. if one were to come up with a street name for it...T Rex... being grown and harvested for all the same uses as industrial Hemp.
10:38 am - Wed, October 17 2012
Kona said:

So, is the consensus here that "pot", or whichever term you prefer, a net positive for the American society? Should there be age limits for the use? Should Meth be made legal (since prohibition is frowned upon)? Should governments condone the use of "pot"?
11:31 am - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
"....a net positive for the American society?"

If legalized, perhaps.

"Should there be age limits for the use?"

If legalized, perhaps. Perhaps limited to the age of 21 and above.

Should Meth be made legal (since prohibition is frowned upon)?"

It already is in various forms, and believe it ..or.. not, amphetamines are currently prescribed for use by children as young as 6 years old.

"Should governments condone the use of 'pot'?"

Governments are elected by and for the people, would it not be reasonable to expect so, if that's what the people want?

If it's easier for you, you may refer to me as, Michael.
11:47 am - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
Governments such as Oregon's are currently pushing the use of Methadone for reasons never intended. It is actually now prescribed to people that have never used Heroin, Kona.
02:05 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Kona said:
"Should Meth be made legal (since prohibition is frowned upon)?"

It already is in various forms, and believe it ..or.. not, amphetamines are currently prescribed for use by children as young as 6 years old."

That was not the intent of my question, I think you missed it.

"Should all forms (including home brews) of Meth be made legal (since prohibition is frowned upon)?"
02:20 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Fletch said:
Off the top of my head Michael, I would say a little over the top. I don't think hemp farmers would like Brazil sized seeds flying into their fields. Cannabis is a natural fit. It needs no genetic altering. I find it hard to beleive that science can predict the outcome of genetically altered cells on one another. All you need to do is watch the tv adds. Potential Side effects may consit of... Sounds like a crap shoot. I have very little faith in it. Its quite unnerving really.
Heres a site for you Michael.
Read the page before diverting off on a very indepth fact finding study. It's very clinical.
Goverment agencies have been condoning drug trafficking for decades. Just Google CIA drug trafficking. Does Ollie North mean anything to any one. How about Operation Just Cause in Panama.
02:24 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Fletch said:
Kona, If you should be wearing a hazmat suit when dealing with it, Probably not.
03:45 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Fletch said:
Kona, If prohibition worked, Eve would not have eaten that apple...
06:07 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Kona said:

Fletch, you seem to be suggesting that nothing should be prohibited in American society. Is that right?
06:56 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
What's the intent of your question, Kona, are you asking me if believe that legally manufactured USP laboratory Meth should be perhaps less restricted, and made avaliable for purchase over the counter?

I don't know, though, it does seem to me that it used to be, back in the 40's, 50's & 60's, or wasn't it?

07:17 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
As for the home brewed versions, I think one only has to look around to see the results, to make an educated decision.
07:48 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
NewYorkerAtHeart said:
I'm not sure what makes marijuana any worse than prescription drugs and alcohol. The only reason I don't partake is because it's illegal. It's a plant, people, with a lot of good, healing properties. IMO, the government doesn't want it legalized because it's too easy to grow your own and they wouldn't be able to completely control it and tax it. There are a lot of alcoholics, mean drunks and people addicted to prescription drugs. I would rather smoke a little's more natural for sure.
07:49 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
NewYorkerAtHeart said:
BTW, hemp is not the same plant!
08:00 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Kona said:
Is that a "yes", that "home brewed meth" should be prohibited? What I am getting at is ... does this whole discussion center around the difference of opinions on what should be prohibited, and what shouldn't be prohibited? I guess that is why we will vote. I think "pot" is a net negative in society and shouldn't be condoned by our governments, while some feel that "pot" is a net positive in society and should be accepted. As I said previously, I really wouldn't care if the using did not affect any one but the user.

I guess we'll just have to abide by the vote. Is that fair?
09:42 pm - Wed, October 17 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
I won't be using marijuana no matter how the vote turns out, and I won't be using Meth for the same reason. Why? Because my doctor informed me that neither is indicated as helpful/beneficial to my condition's.

I won't be voting on this measure, but if I did, I'd vote for your right to choose to make an educated decision of your own. Is that fair enough for you?
06:28 am - Thu, October 18 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:

A simple haircut would solve that problem.
11:06 am - Thu, October 18 2012
Fletch said:
I don't mean to pry Kona, Have you tried Cannabis? If so, How many times?
Michael, from my point of view, cannabis has many more benifits then just medical. Have you ever eaten your favorite meal after using cannabis? OH MAN, it taste so much better, If taste is a sence you would like to enhance, having an all around heighten sence of touch, smell and a general peaceful state of being while opening thought process that you may not have been able to open before... Such as ART, MUSIC, SCIENCE, HMMM. I have heard of preventative medicine. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to get anyone to use drugs illegally! Just saying.
The issue here is measure 80. Why or why not to vote yes or no. The prohibition part comes from the last dicussion. It's already happening. It's not working. It's not working. Have I said, it's not working. You don't have to take my word for it. Look for yourself. If you have 1.75 hrs to become more informed, look at this video on youtube. "The Best Marijuana Documentary"
First a person should have a educated decission on what makes marijuana good or bad. Kona, you seem to have a opinion that marijuana is a net -. Can you give an insight as to why? I weigh it myself... Then a person should have an understanding of how the measure will impact them directly. Or just an understanding of the measure itself..
Every breath you take has effect on another. Every time you start your automobile, burn something, so on and so forth, Life is not a personal bubble. Whats in your bubble that your affraid of having popped? What is the negitive about the measure, and what is it about the plant, that is the issue for you? Kona.
12:05 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
baffled&bewildered said:
Pass or not, marijuana will find a way. Read or watch Michael Pollan's
"Botany of Desire".
01:43 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Kona said:

You asked, "I don't mean to pry Kona, Have you tried Cannabis? If so, How many times?"

No, I have been around it enough to know that it was not a good thing to try. I have seen some pretty worthless individuals while using it (mostly in Vietnam) and it did not leave me with a good impression. Convince me why I should use it.
02:06 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Fletch said:
Just curious. Like I said, to each his own. I'm not here to sell cannabis. I'm just having this conversation with you. Worthless meaning content, not wanting to wage war or worthless which way?
03:26 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Dances with Redwoods said:
My personal observations of people 'high' on marijuana have shown me, that it's effects on people differ's. For myself, it just doesn't work in a way that I can appreciate.any value.

In others, I've seen/recognized a value in their use of it, both on the job, and off, Kona.
04:51 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Fletch said:
Are you sure it was the pot and not the heroin, I have been reading. Even though it was illegal, smoking pot went somewhat ignored because it helped deffuse social problems in the group, kept the men mellow and focused and had less effects then alcohol and heroin abuse.
I have been told, dogs that are long in the tooth, have a hard time learning new tricks...
Even if I had a Super PAC to advovate my thoughts, I really don't think there is anything I could say to you that would change you opinion. I can respect your opinion and not overstep my bounds. I just have not heard or read your reasoning behind your opinion as a net -. It is clear where I stand, And I have eluded to many reasons why. All I have heard from you, or recall hearing from you is it will have an affect on non users. You have not said what that affect is, just that it will have one. Am I to take your word for it, that it will be a -? Or should I do some research and determine my own reasons why. Maybe the affect will be a +. Maybe not. I am sorry, but I can't take your word for it.
I listen to the debates on TV and I hear alot of direct questions being not answered. Just alot of beating around the bush. How am I to make a informed decission when the two candiates cant spit it out???
05:32 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Fletch said:
I guess I will just have to take their lack of word for it.
05:48 pm - Thu, October 18 2012
Fletch said:
Your A good person. I appreciate your opinions.
11:16 am - Fri, October 19 2012
Fletch said:
You asked me to Convince. I don't like that term for my own reasons. I would prefer to inform or inlighten. Here it goes. I can only ask you to take 45 minutes of your time and watch this short video.
If this does not get you or anyone else to at least concider, scratch their head or whatever, God help us all.
Medical Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary. This is the title of the video.
03:14 pm - Fri, October 19 2012
Kona said:

Thank you for the information. I watched the video. I have been aware of the positive effects some people realize. For me the "stoners" have had a negative impact on my opinion. Oregon already has one of the most liberal medical marijuana programs, unfortunately it has been severely abused.

p.s. In Vietnam we got anyone out of our unit who used any mind bending additives. We were in constant combat and being on high alert was very important. In the rear areas (which we got to for two days every three months) there were some spacey people.
11:45 am - Sat, October 20 2012
Fletch said:
Thanks for the service you gave our country.
We supposedly elect the brightest most educated people to run goverment. The best of the best. Why are we broke and out of work? Why so inefficient? Thank God those guys are not smoking pot! Ehh Kona...
01:05 pm - Sat, October 20 2012
Kona said:


You said, "We supposedly elect the brightest most educated people to run government."

Wouldn't that be terrific if true!! We, for the most part, elect politicians which certainly are not "the best and the brightest". Many have self interests which don't coincide with what is best for the citizens they represent. Then others will bend whichever direction (rightly, or wrongly) the "squeaky wheel" is emanating. Then there are some who actually try to do the best for the citizens.
01:41 pm - Sat, October 20 2012
Fletch said:
Is it abused or poorly written and underestamated. The demand creates the "Abuse". Seems to me the OMMP under estamated the access part and now it appears to be abused. Yes I know the crossing of state line is a big issue. I don't particularly agree with it. Even though I like legalization.
I look at cannabis as a hub. Not a spoke to lean any which way. It has been for thousands of years. All of a sudden, relitively speaking, BAD EVIL! I'm not buying it. Oregon has some of the best climate in the world for outdoor cultivation. It's beyond me why something so therapeutic, and useful is suppressed. Or is it the us that is being suppressed. HMMM.
10:49 pm - Tue, October 30 2012
Injustice said:
For the record I do not approve of legalizing marijuana on its face. But in in this county where so many stiff self righteous head in the sand people reside. Especially in high places( no pun intended). A circuit court judge can fall asleep and no one cares. Even though he was supposed to be hearing a case where the safety of an infant was concerned. Minds can be altered in many ways other than marijuana! Power, greed, and ignorance come to mind.

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