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Mac City Council bullish on room tax

Nov 30, 2012 | 7 Comments

By Nicole Montesano
Of the News-Register

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09:58 pm - Fri, November 30 2012
Mack said:
Yeahhhh!!! Cassie and Phil you are brilliant. Tax, Tax, Tax. That's the answer. Crank up the taxes. Don't stop with a room tax. Get bullish on all taxes. Think of all the money that could be brought in with a breathing tax. A talking tax. A using the bathroom tax. A water fountain usage tax. A library tax. A walking on the sidewalk tax. Taxes are the answer!! Just ask California they'll tell ya...
10:07 pm - Fri, November 30 2012
Mack said:
The nice thing about the new Obama tax mentality is that you don't need to take personal responsibility anymore. You don't have to ever raise your own taxes. You can now from the comfort of your own home vote to raise your neighbors taxes while you and your family enjoy a nice tax cut. What a concept! Isn't Barack the greatest? Who needs hope and change. That's so yesterday.
And now with this marvelous local idea of a room tax I can vote to raise the taxes of these faceless visitors who come through our community and need somewhere to stay. Hell with 'em, let's take their money. Lack of personal responsibility feels sooooo good!
08:17 am - Sat, December 1 2012
seeker59 said:
well if you want to start charging tax on lodging,then why not tax tickets to the fair,theater,wine tasting events,turkey rama rides,saturday market,then let's put up toll gates at all the parks,because people from out of town make use of everyone of these,and let's not forget the waterpark,KA-CHING we could have the richest city in oregon.
05:06 am - Sun, December 2 2012
Troy'ith said:
I would not take it above 6. Seattle kept raising prices and people that use to go several times a year, now go only once. One thing that helps Oregon tourism is less tax, so we need to be very careful in regards to adding it which might affect the outcome in a negative way. Things have increased outside of taxes as well, so keep that in mind tastings went from 0 to 5 to 10 and in some cases $15.00. You don'tv want tourist to feel they are being squeezed, they won't return or they will return, but not often. Just some economic advice...

05:18 am - Sun, December 2 2012
Troy'ith said:

"personal responsibility "]

some would say like me, that not paying taxes is irresponsble, corporations that have the money but refuse so others that do pay, end up paying more. Before you start with we tax to much line.. the avg american federal went down 8.6% since 2000. Companies and Business paid the least in history last year at just 7.9% of all tax collected. That said.. states, counties, and cities have all increased rates all above inflation, which is where (in my opinion) the problem is. Never increase anything above that level, (especially spending).. But congrats Obama he is the first President to do not outspend inflation in a long time, at only 1.4% in his first term with 2 wars and recession. He wasn't my choice for President (stein) but he did a pretty good job at least on that.,.

09:06 am - Mon, December 3 2012
Fletch said:
For me, It's not the collecting of taxes, it's the where they go after there collected. Not talking about the City of McMinnville persay, but goverment in general.
Bailouts, That was BS! Them greedy jerks had it comming. Them dumb bastards have to swing for the fence on everything...
05:47 pm - Tue, December 4 2012
Troy'ith said:
I was against the bail out and yet most of the finance industry did pay everything back (probably so the ceo's could start getting huge bonuses again..).. I can see them take large sums of money.. claim the problem again and get another bailout. I don't blame Obama for the giving of money (which started under Bush). I do blame him for no prosecution of these people. It would have sent a message..


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