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Letters to the Editor - January 21, 2012

Letters from Patty Blue, Susan Chambers, Henry Evers, Lucille Young, Ann Reid, Seth Murray, Ilsa Perse and Henry Re

Jan 21, 2012 | 33 Comments

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12:26 pm - Sat, January 21 2012
Curtis G said:
For Peace, Accept others

12:33 pm - Sat, January 21 2012
Curtis G said:
For Peace, Accept others leaves off one important detail, illegal. Amnesty for people who have broken the law to enter our country does not make us a better place, it just encourages more of the same. We have seen that before. We need to update our immigration system to allow easier access for people to come here legally, not invalidate the law.
01:11 pm - Sat, January 21 2012
Curtis G said:
"New priorities in new reality" ignores the fact that we already have a viable Constitution that guarantees "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness", we just need to use it. It ensures everyone has the same opportunities, but does not guarantee equal results. The corruption that is killing capitalism is from our own government, that has negated much of what was in the Constitution for its own enrichment of money and power. Including exceptions to the rule of law; consider the recent insider trading issues, members of Congress doing what sent many business people to prison. No exceptions should include everyone, including our elected representatives. There will always be a rich 1%, but people should get there on their own merits, not because the government legislated it.
02:37 pm - Sat, January 21 2012
Just Lookin said:
For peace accept others. Curtis G. made an extremely valid point. As long as "Illegals" continue to break the laws, they break the laws upon entry. Willingly and knowingly. I will not vote for anyone who does not want to enforce the laws that are already in place. Our ancestors entered the right and legal way. They followed the rules and the laws. Until the laws are enforced, we will have problems. Amnesty is not the answer either. That has been proven many many times.
Enforce the laws in place, verify people first.
07:52 am - Mon, January 23 2012
Don Dix said:
To those who seem bent on promoting one candidate or the other for the District 1 race:

Rob Cornilles, if elected, will become a puppet for John Boenher in the house -- and if Susan Bonamici wins, she will be just another pawn for Nancy Pelosi's game board.

Congress is controlled by two mindsets, Rs and Ds. And both parties are beholden to special interests, not the voters who elected them.

Neither of these candidates will do what they promise for Oregon. As soon as the winner arrives in the capital, party loyalty becomes the job description. They will represent Oregon in name only, and vote as they are told on nearly every issue before Congress. Bonamici has already proven to be a partisan pawn (Oregon legislature), and Cornilles will be no different (even though he states 'independence').

Since nearly every member of Congress (who wasn't rich) has become quite wealthy after being elected, this election will only choose who will be the next millionaire from the Oregon delegation.

10:20 am - Mon, January 23 2012
Manup said:
I am always amused at those who cry freedom for immigrants, equal rights for immigrants, and by all means we must absolutely pay for free college for the poor immigrant! Really? Let us reward the law breaking person who stood on the opposite side of our country's border and made the conscious decision to not only pre- meditate a crime against our country but to commit the crime. Once here, if they find a job, they can avoid taxes- another crime. Let us insist that applicants who apply for American jobs are bilingual, meaning they likely had to pay for college classes out of their own pocket to learn the second language- in order to communicate with those who broke our laws to begin with by coming here illegally. Let us hire ESL teachers to teach the immigrants children how to speak English but fire the arts and sports teachers because of a lack in funds. Let us ignore the gang statistics that envelope almost every single corner of our Nation, let us also ignore how many drugs are being transported across our borders by the immigrant and let us ignore the prison populations and juvenile detention populations and blame those high numbers on racism, not the facts that they committed a crime and got caught.
If they want to be here, there is a process that can be done legally. If their first experience with our country is to commit a crime against it, what good does that say for them, for our country, or for our future?
10:34 am - Mon, January 23 2012
Manup said:
Those who avoided paying the taxes because they are illegal contribute no monetary help to our government yet we regurgitate our tax monies to teach their children? It reminds me of the little gang bangers who tag. They have no jobs, they do not contribute one cent to this country, yet they spray paint our buildings, walls, fences, power boxes, parks, schools, etc. to claim what they feel they own, their territory.
Illegal immigration has polluted our country for generations, for those who claim they they are good and honest people just trying to make a living, I ask, where are your papers? If they were good and honest they wouldn't be here illegally, they would not have stepped into our country breaking our laws and they certainly would not advocate others to do so.
09:48 pm - Mon, January 23 2012
Mack said:
Well said Manup.
It truly baffles me that there are people in our society that think it is okay for people to enter our country illegally. And many not only think it is ok, they clamor for us to do more to reward them.
If you think people from other countries ought to be able to come here freely than work to change the immigration laws.
If you feel bad about conditions in their country then send them money or move there and help them change it.
If you love them, then lovingly insist that they do whats right by getting back in line and coming into the country legally. True love and compassion is not permissive, it has the courage to help people do the right thing even if the right thing is not easy or convenient.
11:37 am - Wed, January 25 2012
GrannyG said:
I needed to state a couple of things here. Most not all "illegals" pay taxes from there wages just like you and I do. Funny thing is they don't claim them back like we do. Of course they can't because they are not "legal". I do not believe the majority of "illegals" think "oh I'm going to commit a crime and cross the border today." They are looking for a better life. Most "illegals" want to know English and want to speak it. I do believe that most "illegals" want to be "legal" but do not have that kind of money to achieve it. We are talking thousands. If we want them to be "legal" then maybe America should make it a little more economically easier to become. Mexico is a poor country that thousands of dollars might as well be millions. No wonder they come here "illegally" they think they are going to be rich. Too bad they end up with the jobs not too many "Americans" are willing to do, because they are beneath them. Do you all realize that if the "Latino" community quit working our Nation would suffer horribly. Think about it!!!!
01:08 pm - Wed, January 25 2012
TJ111 said:
Just Lookin-
When you say "Our ancestors entered the right and legal way" do you mean showing up on a boat and murdering and exploiting the locals? Check your history. "Right and legal" probably doesn't hold up if you're a Native American.
05:24 pm - Wed, January 25 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"....murdering and exploiting the locals?"

The locals on this continent were just as prone to murdering and enslaving other locals long before people on boats had arrived. Check your history, TJ111.

08:19 pm - Wed, January 25 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"Do you realize that if the "Latino" community quit working our Nation would suffer horribly."


How so?
07:35 am - Thu, January 26 2012
TJ111 said:
So because they murdered each other gives us the green light? Nice logic. I think its just a little ethnocentric to believe that when our ancestors came to this country they were polite, Christian, law abiding citizens. I guess you believe that when the ships arrived bringing the white folk they got together and said, "Let's make sure we abide by all of the laws that are already established and be respectful of the local natives and their traditions." I did check my history, Mr. Tubbs. Probably not what was taught when you were in school when everything was Polyanna and fairy tales, but actual history. I don't agree with illegals coming into our country but to claim that the whites came "legally and rightly" is just silly.
08:39 am - Thu, January 26 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"So they murdered each other gives us the green light?"


I never implied that, nor would I imply that those of our ancestors that had arrived here by boat, were anymore polite and/or law abiding citizens than the people that had first stepped foot on this continent. Supposedly by some land bridge, that is if you can trust the editors of National Geographic.


Personally? I believe that every community here in America should have it's own say, make it's own choices on how to go about festooning it's 'Tzompantli'. You know, so as to put it's own good works on display for any weary travelers with designs of their own...don't you think?

08:47 am - Thu, January 26 2012
Manup said:
As for those who established this as a country so ridiculously long ago, let us not leave out the use of bridewells overseas and what happened when they were full. Transportation became a necessity, thus populating many countries with criminals, including this one.
Trying to compare what happened then to what is going on now is like comparing apples to oranges. It is absurd to believe otherwise and counter productive to discussion.
It is unfortunate that when the topic arises, those who support the opening of our borders result to this argument, it's as if they heard it from someone and just regurgitate at will with out really thinking of the vast differences between the two scenarios.
How much longer will Americans be held to the flame for something that happened many, many lifetimes ago? It may be convenient for those arguing, but useless when looking at facts.
If they want to be here, there is a process, don't start a new life in a new country by committing crimes against that country. Someone stated "they don't think of it as a crime" and since that person is apparently speaking for every illegal here, my response is this: If they are so ignorant of their own actions, what could they possibly contribute to a country that is already failing? How sad for them that their head speaker thinks so little of them. They know what they are doing, they are not as ignorant as you portray.
It is a conscious decision, and one that often can lead them or their families to a gang lifestyle or one of dire poverty, neither of which are conducive to a strong country.
Their actions have forever changed this country, and not in a positive way. By all means come to America, but do so legally, with open arms, and promise to remain crime free and to abide by our laws, learn our language and support our ridiculous government.
10:04 am - Fri, January 27 2012
GrannyG said:
@Michael Tubbs Sr.

Who is out in the fields picking our fruits, and vegetables?? Who is in a lot of the food production plants?? It used to be our children would go pick strawberries in the summer. Most of the children now a days aren't willing to take such a menial labor position. Most of the dirtiest, backbreaking work is now done by "latino" workers. America has changed. Most will not "lower" themselves to do this kind of work. So ultimately our crops would go to waste without these workers. Hence our Nation would suffer. Let me stress I am not saying there are not "some" hardworking people who would be willing to do this kind of work. They are just in the minority anymore.
01:04 pm - Fri, January 27 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"Most will not 'lower' themselves to do this kind of work. So ultimately our crops would go to waste without these workers. Hence our Nation would suffer."


I wholeheartedly agree with you that a great many people will not lower themselves to work in the fields, canneries, meat processing plants and/or a lot of other jobs. I believe that the main driving force behind the shift in demographics of the willing versus the unwilling has much less to do with race per say, than it does with what people see or view as being of greater import in their lives.

If people here in America still actually had to work for their daily bread and/or means of sheltering themselves from natures elements (.ie the weather) spent less time distracting themselves, our society in general wouldn't be in such the mess that so much of it now finds itself to be in. That can change, but it won't until the dynamics of what actually drives this country does first.

Very few people (if any) here in America actually face starvation if they don't work. Now, the same can't be said for those living in countries overwhelming populated by 'Latino's..or..for that matter, any other indigenous populated country on this planet.

When the tit's of 'Lady Liberty' finally do dry up (and they eventually will because they're not natural but in fact made of plastic) the dynamic that drives America will change. Not one doubt in my mind that America's first natives came here because they were in search of a much easier place to survive...don't you think?

02:12 pm - Fri, January 27 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
Congress, Wont do anything with this dictatorial president, and the only next runner up worth voicing to others about since Thomas Jefferson, Would be Ron Paul. No other person in US history after our founding fathers have ever fought so hard to restore , and defend, the constitution to what it was originally meant to be, before being corrupted to be used against the people.

All other candidates promote future cuts in spending, Prolonged Wars, Wallstreet lobbyist, Mandatory health care, support carbon taxes (we breath it, F.Y.I.), promote global warming, bailouts..But now forced to flip flop people are starting to wake up to what Ron Paul has been telling us for 30+ years, and realizing he's the right guy.

Ron Paul cuts 1 trillion in spending cuts in year 1, repays debt in 3 years.
Take a salary as president of $39,366.
Eliminates income tax(Your money is hard worked for).
Never voted for a bailout,
Voted against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,
Bring all troops home where they need to be from all 900 bases around the world.
Then, Use military to defend our boarders against Illegals, cause obviously the stupid fence and drones are not working.
Restore sound money, rid our nation of the so called "Federal"-Reserve which is no more Federal then Federal Express.
And much much more, then 2000 Characters can explain.

But, He needs our help..Everyday The Soros owned Media constantly slams, and dismisses Ron Paul only because they know people will believe anything the talking heads tell them. And if He's "Out of Sight, Out of mind" OR Called Dangerous for Supporting the constitution, you wouldn't believe how many brain-dead don't think for their self!

Now show me another candidate worth voting for please?
03:30 pm - Fri, January 27 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:

I have a question for you. Why is it do you think/suppose, that the peoples of most Latin American countries are/seem to be more prone to living out their lives..or..fleeing from what some might describe as a somewhat less friendly environment?

Ever wonder why the Latino's south of our border never created constitutions such as ours in their native countries. Why have they not the very same protections and/or rights as the people here in the United States supposedly do?

Would they not have more free cheese to supply their starving people if they had?
09:00 am - Sat, January 28 2012
GrannyG said:
Michael Tubbs Sr.,

Definitely they need better government!!!
Theirs is definitely flawed. As is ours in so many respects.
I just think it is why they go North. Looking for the roads paved in gold.

"Very few people (if any) here in America actually face starvation if they don't work. Now, the same can't be said for those living in countries overwhelming populated by 'Latino's..or..for that matter, any other indigenous populated country on this planet."

This we agree upon. If they had the safety nets we have here maybe they wouldn't be so eager to come North.

10:11 am - Sat, January 28 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"Definitely they need better government!!!"

Amen to that, sister, and so do we!. Mitt Romney!
10:52 am - Sat, January 28 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
Very sad indeed, Better government? I hope by better you mean, very small, limited government, that does not intrude on peoples lives and businesses and make "policies" which they call law, and tax people.. Take off the blinders.
The purpose of making their policies better..That will do reduce their size and power. Is the answer.

And Michael, You are such a joker. lol
05:13 am - Sun, January 29 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:

May your garden rise bountiful, and that's all I have to add to this conversation.
06:27 am - Sun, January 29 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
Absolutely! As the same to you, and every other family who are considered terrorist for living off the control grid.

Must you wanna know more about what your police are doing? And are being conditioned in every city by the department of homeland security..Look no further then MIAC Homeland security reports being sent to all police departments around the nation.

Read up! it consist of 8 pages

Did you know supporting Ron Paul, Or a "Don't tread on me" flag would be considered domestic right-wing terrorist???
10:58 am - Sun, January 29 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
That's kinda odd, being it was the very first flag our United States Marine Corps had carried with them into battle.
11:02 am - Sun, January 29 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
So much for 'the flags of our fathers', huh?
01:46 pm - Sun, January 29 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
Homeland Security is not for Al-Qaeda, It's for the people..Who have the same, or at-least some of the ideas our founding fathers have.

You know Homeland Security was at Occupy Portland not too long ago arresting people.
Not covered by Oregonian, Or the Register, Or any other papers for that matter..
You know It is against The Constitution to have any federally paid employee arrest, or aid/assist in the arrest of US Citizens.

Why do we put up with this? Who gives this authority? Private offshore banks! who yes (The constitution was meant to protect us from) over the last 100+ years have torn our freedoms down in fashion, and we were born into it this way..explaining the reason why many of you know nothing of what its like to have your freedoms, or liberty. stripped from you.
When you do. That is what is considered to be. "Woke up". And at that time you will resist tyranny. (TERRORIST!)
This same movement has been the same reasons for many revolutions, only this time. It's a Thought Revolution. The shifting of the false left-right paradigm. The system is rigged this way to provide the results they want.
05:51 am - Mon, January 30 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
I've this idea/design for a 114mm Gatling Cannon capable of firing three rounds per second that's been on some kinda tumble cycle within my skull for some years now.

The design incorporates and benefits from some already existing extrusion technology, as well as rail-gun, so as to facilitate an on-demand requirements for on-site-high-speed-munitions manufacturing to keep the friendly beast fed.

And you, Ron?
07:38 am - Mon, January 30 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
I'd like to see this, especially just to watch it fire!

YouTube FPS Russia He will show you some amazing tricks he's done with his weapons. And perhaps. Maybe get an idea or two from him.

Me on the other hand, I've got what I need to get by. I like to keep it simple, and easy.

10:54 am - Mon, January 30 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"Me on the other hand, I've got what I need to get by. I like to keep it simple, and easy."

Me, too.

"I'd like to see this, especially just to watch it fire!"

Then I would suggest you be a paid-subscriber of the News-Register before that time comes, because when I eventually do there will only be a few chosen VIP's on hand to witness my live-fire demonstration of 'Belching Bob's capabilities.
03:36 am - Tue, January 31 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:

For some odd reason me thinks we may not be on the same page, as far as weapons go. Some years back the Commandant of the Marine Corps mentioned a need for some non-harmful device with the capability to slow down a large group of advancing, angry people. Believe it or not, the idea of 'spraying/hosing' down an angry mob with some kinda non-harmful sticky substance had been on his chalkboard, and may even still be.

So, after some short period mulling over the potential of some already available products on the market...I thought to myself... why not weaponize the marshmallow?

You see, Ron, my idea isn't about building some Gatling Cannon with the capability of tearing the leaves and bark off of everything in front of it. No, my design is for the quelling of hunger riots, by using a device capable of rapidly disbursing (over large crowds) nutritional pellets large enough that a single pellet might be capable of sustaining an individual for a week..or..more.
06:41 am - Tue, January 31 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
That is the most amazing thing I've heard in years! To be honest my close mindedness allowed myself to wonder in the direction of defense..I laughed for about 5 straight minutes, afterwards...I couldn't type anything to reply.

If the specifics would have been there in the first place. I'd probably offer to you my assistance in manufacturing!

09:14 am - Tue, January 31 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
Thanks, but won't need the assistance, I can type that letter myself so as to get the idea floating in the right direction. The only thing I'll be building out here in Grand Ronde, will be for zipping mini-marshmallows at my giggling grand children.

Again, thanks for the offer!

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