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Search scaled down for Lafayette resident

Dec 5, 2012 | 17 Comments

News-Register Staff

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02:08 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Call me John said:
a picture would help, how would the public know who to look for?
02:28 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
lovmysibes said:
Yes, a picture would be nice. Also, can we get more details? Maybe what part of Lafayette so those of us can decide whether we should search our property lines. Does he have medical conditions as to where he would get lost and not know where to go?
03:33 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
Sandy said:
I am a relative, living in CA, and just wanted to respond to an earlier commenter questioning if Barry had medical conditions where he would get lost and not know where to go. The answer is that he does not have dementia or alzheimers or anything like that. In fact, he is of sound mind and quite intelligent. He is also exceptionally kind and caring. This is very out of character for him to be missing since Monday night. Any and all help from the public there would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much.
06:05 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
lovmysibes said:
Thank you so much Sandy for your response. I do not live far from where he lives so I will go ahead and walk our property line tomorrow. It is quite muddy in the fields out here so I do not believe he would wonder out this way but hopefully others in Lafayette would be willing to do the same. I hope that Barry returns home safe and sound soon and I will be following this story closely.
06:06 pm - Wed, December 5 2012
angela.flood said:
To Sandy - Just finding out about this. Live in Lafayette. Will get this out on social media and keep looking. I know everyone who can, will.
06:41 am - Thu, December 6 2012
Brandy said:
I am a family member living in Massachusetts. Thank you Lafayette-area readers for your concern and willingness to help locate Barry. He is a remarkably kind-hearted, gentle man. The family is grateful that you are helping to spread the word and bring him home safe and sound.
09:07 am - Thu, December 6 2012
athena said:
I am curious if there is any new information regarding Barry's whereabouts? I'm not sure where I know him from, but when I saw his name and photo, I'm certain I've met him before, I just can't put my finger on it. I hope if he has not already been found, he will be very soon and in good health.
10:11 am - Thu, December 6 2012
Paul Daquilante said:
As of this morning, there is nothing new to report regarding his whereabouts, according to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.

Paul Daquilante / reporter
07:11 am - Fri, December 7 2012
Call me John said:
wow, that must be really difficult for the family, i will pray for them and Barry so he may be found safe and returned home soon
10:19 am - Fri, December 7 2012
Mack said:
Hang in there family members. Our prayers are with you. Now that we have a picture we will keep our eyes out for him. We have a great sheriffs office that truly cares and I know they will do everything in their power to find him.
03:27 am - Sun, December 9 2012
Brandy said:
Missing Man - Important Update on Search

My Uncle Barry is, unfortunately, still missing. This continues to be active search, and Barry has still not been seen or heard from since 12/3. His wife initially hoped he had gone out for an early morning walk or run (something he often does). Barry is an active, deeply thoughtful and well-read man; however, he has experienced some "senior moments" that could cause confusion or disorientation.

Again, the search continues to be very active and has now expanded beyond the immediate area. It is entirely possible that Barry is no longer in Lafayette, so the family asks that you please share his photo with any friends or relatives living out of town. The more eyes that see his smiling face, the more likely we can bring Barry back home to his deeply-concerned family. Thank you for your compassion and assistance!!!
07:58 pm - Sun, December 9 2012
YankeeFanatic said:
Edwards has been missing since Monday night. The decision to scale the search back locally was based on new information that has been received regarding his possible whereabouts, the sergeant said........ What does this mean?? Do they know where he is?
08:02 pm - Sun, December 9 2012
YankeeFanatic said:
LOL my question didnt come out right...What I meant is the article is kind of confusing its started off sounding like they knew where he is possibly to sounding like they still know nothing at all
08:32 am - Mon, December 10 2012
Call me John said:
i had the same question - do they have an idea of his whereabouts? any leads? that statement is confusing.
04:00 pm - Mon, December 10 2012
Sandy said:
Barry has been located -- many thanks to everyone concerned, and their efforts.
10:19 pm - Tue, December 11 2012
Pack-o-phuck_withBUCK said:
What i dont understand is, why does our sherrif's office keep on dropping searches for our missing people??? Sean Kosky's disappearance turned into a dead subject, and now this guy is being gave up on. These people need our help, and i can't imagine how the families are feeling knowing that nobody is still out searching for there loved one. If it was my family or friend, no searches would be stopped until they were found, even if i was the only one out looking. I hope Barry and Sean are found sooner than later, dead or alive, so we can atleast know what happened and bring peace to our community and the victims' families!!!!
10:20 pm - Tue, December 11 2012
Pack-o-phuck_withBUCK said:
just saw the comment that barry was located.....thank God. Now Where is sean still??

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